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How to grasp the key to the healthy exercise to lose weight

Diet and exercise are two ways of losing weight, in addition to control the intake of calories, let oneself healthy eating, exercise for weight loss is also necessary. Today is introduced some facts about sports, hope you can notice after the workout, do health exercise to lose weight

1. Weight - two weeks before you start

First movement, muscle gradually increase, the rate of burning fat but not so fast, may not drop weight increases instead, if you use a body fat meter, are likely to see weight gain or flat, but body fat is falling, as long as you don't feel free to eat, because the exercise in 2 to 3 weeks will see weight loss results.

2. Aerobic exercise can be effective to burn fat

As long as it is systemic sex, can continuous action is, for example: walking. Jogging. Ride a bicycle. To swim. Aerobic dancing. Rope skipping and so on. As long as the last 20 minutes above, it is right of aerobic exercise, so must give priority to with aerobic exercise to lose weight, the effect will be good.

3. Effect of muscle strength exercise can increase the new body

Muscle strength in simple terms is to increase muscle weight capacity method, also known as the anaerobic exercise or weight training, for example: the dumbbell, sit-ups, push-ups, yoga and so on are all, if you don't want metabolism has declined, must do muscle movement. In addition if you exercise to lose weight is muscle movement is given priority to, the effect is not too good, because muscle movement and can't continue to increase the oxygen uptake of the body, so want to burn fat even harder.

4. 5 or 6 days per week thin faster

Aerobic exercise can burn fat, muscle strength exercise can strengthen muscles, tight line, promote metabolism. Want to lose weight, so these two movements were not ruined, but at first proposal is given priority to with aerobic, muscle is complementary, want to reduce weight must be strictly implemented. 3 to 5 days per week, 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic and muscle movement. If you really have no way to 30 to 60 minutes a day, accumulated points time is also possible.

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