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Fashion weight loss principle all over the world

Thailand, add more chiliThai food is the world's top hot dishes
The former American nutrition expert President Dr James Hill said that chili not only could increase your body's metabolism rate, also it could slow down your eating food speed. America people eat meals in a really high speed. But spicy food will make you to slow down, eating slowly will you more full feeling. You do not need to eat more, so it is a good weight loss method.

English, eat smaller size food
When you walk into the McDonald's in England, the clerk will not ask about the food size any more, because they would not provide big size food. British McDonald's only provide small size food, which has relationship with the frugal habits during the World War II.

Brazil, the beans and rice
Brazilian readers digest editor Sergio Charlab said, there is a kind of traditional dish which could keep slim, that is bean with rice.

The obesity research journal also found that compare with other western food, it could reduce by 14% risks of getting fatter. Such combination contains rich fiber and low heat, as well as stabilize the blood sugar.

India, keep fast
Islamic culture is the mainstream in Indian, during the keep fast period, they could eat nothing during the whole day. But parts of habits is to replace meals with water and rice, and reach the aim of keeping fast.

Although there is no study which could prove that keeping fast could control the weight, it really could so a help on eating less. Keeping health is the task for everyone, in fact, you can have a try on Lida, it is the drug which could help you to increase metabolism and blood circulation, as well as expel toxin.

Nutritionists Hill said that most America have no experiences on starvation. They will eat one more meal when the food inside has not digested up. In fact, they could have a try on the keeping fast.

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