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Would you like this iStick 20W sticker?

Feel so ordinary about your istick 20w, black, white, red, blue? You need a fresh inspiration into your treasured stuff. How about something like a sticker which can be applied on your iphone? With a distinctive skin, your iphone will be unusual among your partners and guys. Similarly, you can also decorate the istick 20w with the customized sticker and the well designed skin with precision cut can perfectly fit on Eleaf iStick 20W, giving your device so unique look and style. In terms of the material, it is made with superior grade vinyl. Even when you would like to replace with a new one, this sticker can also be removable with no sticky mess. Of course, the premise is that you should get a premium istick 20w with quality guarantee on official authorized distributor website. Keep on and happy vaping!

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