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The Mechanical Option Of Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25

When you use a Noisy Cricket II-25 Mod By Wismec , You need to know the Mechanical Option , here is the illustration .

Get inside the mind of your machine and change it from a regulated to a mechanical item without too much technical know-how. All you do is access the battery panel and manually flip the little board there.

Now you are running your device the old-fashioned way; without a dial, without adjustment control; just battery power straight into the coil. There is no screen whether you opt for mechanical or regulated vaping, but a light in the button will glow consistently or flash at a gentle pace if the battery is well charged.
As voltage runs out, this flashing becomes more rapid to alert the vaper that he should recharge his cells. There is no USB charging port either. Without the screen, someone accustomed to Variable Wattage and Temp Control mods might feel blind, but buy yourself a reader. There are versions for ohms only, wattage, or both.

Know more ,you can click http://www.wismec.org/noisy-cricket-ii-25.html

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