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I Recommend You To Buy Wismec RX200S Mod !

I recommend you to buy Wismec RX200S Box Mod .But if you already have the RX200, I really don't see the point in buying this unit. Because it is pretty much similar in function and built wise, except for the new 0.96 OLED screen and the color way that is close to the DNA200 series of Reuleaux. I’ts a combination of the RX200 and DNA200 at an affordable price. The DNA200 has a better performing chipset which gives a more accurate temperature range with its TC function and safety features. But with the firmware upgrades that are available for the Rx200 and Rx200S this is still a bang for the buck mod. I highly recommend this unit to those vape enthusiast who wants a better vape quality with wide range of features and massive power output. This is one of the best options available in the market that is capable of a true rated 200w power at a cheaper price.

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