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Six Precoutions You Should Know When Vaping

Many of you are start vaper, so you've probably encountered lots of problems. Today we'd like to share some common problems with you. Now let's go ahead!

1. Dry burning

Dry burning happens when there is a lack of oil in the coil of the atomizer.At this moment, the taste of e-cigarettes will become spicy,choking,and terrible.
There are many ways to avoid dry burning. First, ensuring that the atomizer is working under proper power . If the maximum of power is 15W, so don't use it in a power over 15W. High power will easily cause dry burning and shorten the life of atomization core. For RTA atomizer,the maximum power is usually not indicated. And the same atomizer with different coils also have different maximum power.So we need accommodate different types of atomizer with coils and set the maximum power after fully understanding it.The simplest approach is adjust the power from small to large, and gradually find the most suitable power.

2.Low battery voltage 

Electronic host generally have the minimum discharge voltage for protection, so do not worry too much. For the mechanical host, there is no minimum discharge voltage for protection.It is dangerous for the battery to work below the minimum discharge voltage.So if you use a mechanical host, when the smoke significantly becomes smaller, you can consider replacing the battery.You need to change the battery before it is empty.
PS: Try to use electronic host instead of mechanical host 

3.Dirty coils

The coil of the atomizer will become dark and gather carbon after using it for a period of time.In this case, the smoke will also become smaller and taste terrible. Besides, the working temperature of the heating coil will grow higher, easily causing dry burning.So we should use clean coils as possible.

4.Strong sense of laryngeal feeling

Some users prefer strong sense of laryngeal feeling, so they would like to choose oils with high concentration of Nicotine and atomizer with large clouds.Generally speaking, this doesn't matter. However,we still recommend small atomizer less than 18mg or large atomizer less than 12mg. If you really want a strong sense of laryngeal feeling, you can choose oil with a tobacco flavor.

5.Using drip atomizer when driving

Using drip atomizer when driving is easy to distract your attention.So for the sake of your life and others' safety, never use drip atomizer when driving.

6.Avoiding taking in excessive Nicotine

The electronic cigarette is essentially a device to delivery Nicotine feeding Nicotine to your body.As we all that it is harmful to take in excessive Nicotine. It will make you faint for a while in less serious conditions. However,in some severe cases, you may feel disgusting, vomiting and symptoms of poisoning, which can be life-threatening.


For those who like vaping all the time, I suggest that you should try something with a low concentration Nicotine
For those who enjoy large clouds,I advise you to start vaping from 0mg
For those who want to practice vaping,I recommend you to use oil without any Nicotine

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