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IJOY EXO PD270 MOD Will Suit Cool Vapers Like You

Today I'm going to introduce this is not a big output monster, but a super cool vape mod. I think anyone will see it will fall in love with it, especially young people. It is the EXO PD270 BOX MOD from IJOY. An ultra cool Box Mod.

I can't help but admire its appearance. It's really great. In the mod's backboard with a sharp three characters "E" "X" "Ω", yes, in fact O represents ohm. Of course there is also a lightning sign. Very cool is that when the mod is powered on, the back light of the back panel will be lit. You can imagine how beautiful it will be. The battery cover of the EXO PD270 is a magnetic design, so it is very convenient to remove and install the battery. On the other side of the mod is a car's pattern, a very retro style.

 On the side of the mod is a bright and clear display that allows you to see the parameter information and battery status more intuitively. In addition, there are two adjustment buttons and a charging port at the bottom of the display. It is interesting that these three seem like a scaring face. In the upper part of the screen is a large area of fire button, allowing you to control it well.

In terms of performance, the EXO PD270 Mod is powered by two 20700 batteries and supports a maximum output of 207W. With this large output, it will adapt well to your different vaping requirements. Of course, it also comes with firmware upgrades and TCR function, so it can give you an extraordinary vaping experience.

 Uh huh, does this EXO PD270 Mod, which is cool and full of features, make you want to buy? If you want to buy, I recommend you to Vape online store. Where I think you can get what you want.

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