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Tips Help you to Know How To Use SMOK X-Priv Mod

The X-Priv Baby Mod is a new Vape Mod from SMOK. If you know about SMOK products, then you must know that it is actually the Baby version of X-Priv Mod. The X-Priv Baby Mod has a more portable size than the X-Priv Mod, but still retains a 2.0-inch display. Compared to other similar products, the X-Priv Baby Mod not only has a better visual experience, but the 2300mAh built-in battery brings a more durable vaping experience.

Yes, I know that you like this product. So how to use X-Priv Baby Mod?

X-Priv Mod Operations

1. Power On:

While the device is off, quickly click Fire Key 5 times in 2s to turn it on. The screen successively displays “SMOK”;

2. Vaping:

While the device is on, hold Fire Key to vape (it will be forced to stop working when one vaping is longer than 10s, release and press again to vape again);
Quickly press the Fire Key 5 times to lock or unlock

3. Screen Unlocked Status:

Press Fire Key and UP Button simultaneously to choose your desired ramp up option: Norm/Soft/Hard in WATT MODE, 10-80W in TEMP MODE or MEM: 1-8 in MEMORY MODE;
Press Fire Key and DOWN Button simultaneously to choose your desired mode, TC Mode, VW Mode or MEMORY Mode.
Press UP or DOWN Button to adjust the temperature or wattage settings.

4. Locking your device:

Hold the fire key for 5s this will lock your device. No adjustments can be made nor can the device be fired in this state.

5. Power Off: 

While the device is locked, hold Fire Key for 5s, choose POWER OFF, and the screen turns off, which means the device is power off. You may also access the option to turn off your device by entering the menu and selecting thee option there.

6. Setting Saved: 

All the setting will be automatically saved when selected. No need to reset your preferences each time the device is turned on.

7. Menus & Prompts: 

After startup, fast press the fire key 3 times in 2 seconds, then you will go to the operation menu. At the same time long-press on the Fire Key to confirm your selected function. UP/DOWN Button to navigate the menu.

VW Mode

X-Priv Baby VW Mode is available for all types of atomizers.

1. Enter VW Mode: select “WATT” from the flowing options TC MODE, VW Mode and MEMORY MODE by pressing Fire Key + DOWN Button simultaneously while screen is unlocked. Alternatively you can switch the mode by depressing the fire button three times in quick secession, the press the fire button for a moment while the screen displays “MODE”, then select “WATT” by holding the fire button for a moment.

2. In the WATT Mode, use UP/DOWN Button to adjust wattage settings with an increase/decrease of 0.1W to get the best preferred wattage.

3. Use Fire Key + UP Button switch your ramp up option HARD, NORM, SOFT.


TC Mode is available for X-Priv Baby, only works with a TC type atomizer.

1. Enter TC Mode: switch to TC Mode(Ti, Ni, SS), VW mode and MEMORY Mode by pressing Fire Key + DOWN Button simultaneously while screen is unlocked or by quickly pressing the fire button 3 times and selecting Mode, and then select TEMP.

2. Use Fire key + UP Button simultaneously to adjust from 10W to 80W.

3. In TC Mode, use the UP/DOWN Button to adjust the temperature settings to get the best preferred settings.


1. Enter MEMORY Mode: select from TC Mode, VW Mode and MEMORY Mode by pressing Fire Key + DOWN Button simultaneously while screen is unlocked.

2. Wait 5s or press and hold the Fire Key to set M1-M8 setting; increase or decrease the wattage value by UP or DOWN button.

Puff Setting

Puff Setting: Set puff limit number.
Puff Clear: Puff counter clearing function
Puff Already: Puff number taken so far.

Screen Setting

6 colors available screen display
Screen Time: 15-240S
Auto Lock: Lock or Unlock

Power off

Choose “X” means Power On;
Choose “√”means Power Off with “SMOK”.

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