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VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Pod Kit Instruction

VINCI X Mod Pod Kit is a combination of Pod and Mod Device. If you are a fresh hand, it is highly recommended for you to choose VINCI X.

Operations Steps

Step 1. Install coil Take out the coil, and insert the col from the bottom of the pod Step 2. Fill e-liquid Pull out the silica gel plug according to the instructions, then refill e-liquid from oil-filling slots. It is recommended to keep two thirds full. Step 3. Install the atomizer

Insert the atomizer with e-liquid into the mod. Step 4. Start to use the device

After keeping it stand for about five minutes, you are free to use the device. You can rotate the pod 180°to adjust the airflow in order to enjoy optimal vaping experience.

Operation instructions

1.On/off. Shortly press on fire button five times (at the first use.Enter clock interface) 2.PUFF clear. Press the fire button and "" button at the same time. The number of puffs in a day is shown on the main interface, and it will be reset to zero the next day 3. Enter the PUFF interface: Press the "+" and"" button Exit the PUFF interface: Press and hold the fire button Record the suction number of the recent 14 days in total. Press "*" and "-" button to check the suction number of a certain day Remarks: if the battery is taken out, the data recorded on PUFF will be automatically cleared 4. Lock/unlock Press the fire button and "+" button at the same time. The product can not be fired when locked or adjust power. 5. Enter clock interface: Press the fire button、"+"button and "-" button at the same time Clock interface, short press on fire button to change cursor, "+" "-" button to settle time, press and hold fire button to save and exit.
6. Status notification:

Installation of battery 1. Unscrew the bottom battery cover 2. Install the prepared 18650 battery from the bottom of the product 3.Screw the bottom battery cover

This is the end of the article, thank you for reading!

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