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Add water tips in winter

1, place a glass of water in office
For the OL in office, they often stare at the computer for a long time, they will be damaged by bigger radiation, and skin will be dryer. Place water in your room, it could increase the humidity of the room, and our skin water would not be easily losing. On this perspective, OL should pay attention to the rhythm of hydrating.

2, add water in study, surf the Internet as well as applying face mask
When you are working overtime or surf the internet, you could use silk face mask. Because those face mask could add water and stick to our face, it is really convenient, and you can lie down to apply face mask.

3, in air conditioning room, add water with spray
Usually in air conditioning room, it will be dryer than the outdoor. Therefore, we need to prepare a bottle of adding water spray. When your skin is dry, you can spray some to relieve phenomenon of dry skin.

4, use make up cotton on bed
If you do not want to apply face mask, you can use an easy method. When don't want to do face film, there is a lazy way, you could use toner to apply on the place which are easy to have wrinkle for 12 to 15 minutes.

5, drink more water
In the morning, our body will miss about 450 ml water, so we need to add water at once after waking up. We had better drinking with empty stomach, and drink it slowly. And we also need to drink water at 10 AM. And drink water at 3 PM, drink more water to add your inside need.

6, update skin care level, massage
Spread moisturizing lotion and massage, it is a very effective method. Massage could keep good blood circulation state, which could provide oxygen and nutrition to our skin cells, improve the metabolism rate and promote the absorption of nutrition and water. Spread lotion on our palm, and massage until it is warm, then spread it on our face, we had better use the products which contain more water and grease, and massage with finger belly on our face gently. For women, it is really necessary to keep slimming and pay attention to skin care, and Lida is one slimming product which could help you to increase metabolism rate and blood circulation, thus your skin will be better and weight will go down.

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