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Quickly act now to lose weight in order to break down these healthrisks caused by obesity

With the improvement of living standards, people generally eat richly and move less, coupled with greatly reducing the human physical effort with entering the era of high-tech and intelligence, resulting in the number of obese people soaring. Actually, this is a bad signal of the body being in an unhealthy state. As we all know, obesity can also bring a lot of potential health hazards and many diseases. Follow to check them!

Obesity is a kind of nutritional disorder

For a long time, some people mistakenly think that a fat and round body shape means good nutrition. In fact, obesity does not mean that good nutrition, and it is also caused by the nutritional barriers as weight too light, the difference between the two lies in only the amount of fat stored in the body. Obesity not only means the excess accumulation of fat in the body, but also may have the lack of certain nutrients. Such as many obese children are often associated with iron, calcium and trace elements deficiency, causing iron deficiency anemia, rickets and other nutritional deficiency diseases.

Obesity can easily lead to various vascular diseases

Obese people in addition to the subcutaneous fat accumulation outside, visceral and spread all over the body. The blood vessels also are filled with fat, it is easy to cause a variety of vascular diseases, especially serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases harmful to health and life. The study data showed that the incidence of hypertension of obese people was 3 to 1.5 times of normal subjects. Moreover, the higher the degree of obesity, the higher the incidence of hypertension, the more obvious the higher blood pressure rises. The incidence of hypertension of seriously obese persons is as high as 50%. On the contrary, if you take measures to reduce weight, the blood pressure will be dropped accordingly.

Obesity can induce diabetes

Although obesity can not be regarded as the direct cause of diabetes, but its role in the induction of diabetes is not negligible. Many datas confirmed that the higher the degree of obesity, the higher the incidence of diabetes. Currently in some developed countries, obesity caused by the disease, the most is diabetes. About 1/3 of adult patients with diabetes are obese. Almost all the fat people have varying degrees of increase on fasting blood glucose levels.

Obesity easily causes sports system disorders

The overweight of obese persons does pose an extra burden on the skeletal and joint movements, especially for the spine and the joints. Since bones, joints and other organizations support the long-term excessive weight, like every day carrying the extra stuff, the passage of time it will inevitably break down from constant overwork, arthritis, muscle strain or spinal nerve root compression, lumbocrural shoulder pain, and even cause joint deformity, seriously affect the physicial movement.

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