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Aspire Nautilus Mini: the best mouth to lung style clearomizer

The Nautilus Mini is a mouth to lung style clearomizer and is often regarded as the best clearomizer for beginners and those who like a mouth to lung vape. A mouth to lung vape is the same style of draw and inhale you would take on a normal cigarette, which may take you close to the feeling of real cigarette. If you enjoy a mouth to lung style draw, this tank will absolutely support your go to all day vape. Moreover, the patented BVC coil technology get you more vapor and better flavor, so satisfying vape and if you are a beginner, you will be less likely to go back to normal cigarettes. Though it can not be up the level like a sub ohm tank or an RDA or RTA in flavor, but in terms of a mouth to lung style vape, it is probably the best. Especially suitable for a beginner!

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