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The VG/PG proportion of e-liquid

Electronic cigarette can produce the similar "smoky" felling as traditional cigarette. But do you know how to improve the vaping experience to a better state or what factors will influence your feeling? Maybe the direct factor is the refilled e-liquid. You may be familiar with the VG/PG terms. VG means Vegetable Glycerin which is to produce vapor and PG means Propylene Glycol which is to dissolve essence to produce the throat hit. The different proportion of these two components can make different vaping feelings. So if you are in pursuit of huge vapor production, choosing e-liquid with higher proportion of VG is a good option and if the strong thorad hit is your goal, choose the one with high proportion of PG. Moreover, the good match of atomizer with e-liquid is also important. The atomizer coil head in atomizer can conduct heat to vapourize e-liquid, then produce the slimilar feeling as smoking traditional cigarette. Aspire Nautilus is a finished atomizer which adopts the advanced BVC coil technology patented by Aspire and unique airflow control system. These features will make it work well on vapourizing e-liquid for your inhalation. A remind: e-liquid with too high proportion of VG may cause big damage on atomizer.

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