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DOVPO Blotto Mini RTA Preview

If you are looking for something to update your vape device, you can not miss the DOVPO Blotto Mini RTA. It is an upgraded version of the DOVPO Blotto RTA. Blotto Mini features compact size, exquisite appearance, 2ml/4ml e-juice capacity, dual diffusion airflow, convenient top refilling design, and so on. Now let's learn more detailed information about it.

Brief Introduction

The Blotto Mini RTA is a smaller version of the Blotto RTA. DOVPO Blotto Mini RTA comes with the e-juice capacity of 2ml. It is constructed from durable stainless steel and has a diameter of 23.4mm. The chassis of the BLOTTO Mini can be paired with a bubble glass measuring at 4mL capacity. The RTA focuses on flavor and versatility, capable of handling larger and more extensive builds with its open quad terminal, dual post build deck. Besides, the Blotto comes with a bottle opener that doubles as a coil trimming tool.   

In addition, Blotto Mini RTA is designed with a detachable structure for easy cleaning and replacement. Most importantly, DOVPO Blotto Mini RTA adopts the 242°of airflow direct to the coils design and dual diffusion airflow system. It's bottom-fed airflow with honeycomb-style holes, where the air comes through the bottom of the deck and around the sides, giving you 242° of airflow hitting your coils. The airflow system with internal air inlet makes its best flavor production stand out.

The package of Blotto Mini RTA by Vaping Bogan & Dovpo Comes With:

1 x Blotto RTA MINI

1 x Glass Bubble Tube

1 x PCTG Bubble Tube

1 x Accessory Bag

1 x User Manual

1 x Bottle Opener

You can learn more and use code BMNR to get a special price from DOVPO Blotto Mini RTA.

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