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Airis Quaser Vaporizer Kit Preview

If you are looking for something new to update your vape device, you can not miss the Airis Air Wax Vaporizer. The device features a portable size, exquisite appearance, durable construction, a magnetic mouthpiece, 350mAh battery capacity, single button operation, 3 power levels, fritted quartz glass heating element, and a preheat function. Now let's get into more detailed information about it.


Air Vaporizer is a compact, user-friendly and efficient concentrate vaporizer. It comes with a durable zinc-alloy chassis construction and there is no need to worry about an accidental drop of it. Measuring just 129mm by 11mm by 11mm, the device is pocket-friendly and can fit perfectly in your palm. It has a 650mAh battery to meet your whole day vaping demand. Besides, it has an LED power light indicator surrounding the Quaser's button that allows you to easily monitor your voltage settings at a glance.

The heating element is quite unique for this device, it features a fritted quartz heating element. The Airis essentially fused crushed pieces of quartz together into a disk which acts almost as a mesh heating element for concentrates. Another very cool feature of this Quaser is the hybrid mouthpiece they created, attached to the removable mouthpiece is a mini scoop tool that makes loading up your material easier than ever. 

The package of Quaser Wax Vape Pen Comes With:

●1 x Airis Quaser Device

●1 x Micro USB Charger

●1 x Package Box

You can learn more and pick it from Airis Quaser Vaporizer Kit.

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