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Eleaf iStick Trim Kit Captures Both Simplicity And Exquisiteness

Nowadays, with life becoming complicated, we are all looking for things to be simple. Steves Jobs love simplicity, so he designed the iPhone phone series with only one button press on the central screen and more user-friendly functions. Now, the iPhone has been the most popular smartphone in the market! 

Also being influenced by this philosophy, Eleaf released its newest vape, capturing both simplicity and exquisiteness. This new vape named Eleaf iStick Trim Kit is going to renew you vaping experience! 

Eleaf iStick Trim Kit is the thinnest and lightweight starter kit ever in the market. As you can see from the following specification. It only weights 108g. So tiny and compact, you can carry it wherever you go! 

Retaining the traditional design of the Eleaf iStick series, it is simple yet elegant. The high workmanship makes it comfortable to hold and touch. Five different colors for your choice: Red, Black, Silver, Greenery, Rose gold, always a suitable one for you!

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