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'An amazing flavor' - CAPTAIN TOMATO liquid

The homogeneity of liquid flavor in e-cigarette liquid market is now a trending.It seems that all e-cigarette juice brands are seeking for a new flavor, as do consumers.I'm going to share with you a new kind of e-juice flavor-Captain tomato juice.

Indeed, tomato is common in our daily life no matter in eating raw, cooked or juice. So we can know that tomato is extremely popular among people. On the other hand, this most common vegetable is one of the rising stars in e-cigarette liquid market.

You will smell a strong scent of tomato when opening  the bottle. Except for the sour it contains, it also brings you a surprisingly similar experience with the same flavor of tomato chip. Now get into the enjoyable moment with the flavor of tomato chip, you not only feel the scent of tomato's flavor but also be able to distinguish a hint of tomato chip, after feeling the cooling taste of mint, what brings to customer is the tomato's refresh feeling which is more close to the natural jam inside a fresh tomato. This feeling will be more strong as time went by.

From the description so far, I believe everyone can feel the refreshing and amazing flavor that Captain tomato brought. it is full of gradation and cooling experience. While in the after taste, its freshness and pleasant experience are incapable of meeting what consumers expected. So in the situation where the tomato juice is not popular, putting aside whether this can trigger the new row of fierce competition, it will definitely bring a similar feeling of curiosity and excitement when a consumer is new to e-cigarette in view of the customers.

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