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Your New Choice - Kangertech Five 6

As the latest product of Kanger in 2017, Kangerteh Five 6 has caught our eyes since its release. Why has it become so popular? Today, let's find out its attraction.

Five 6 Kit
There are five colors provided for your choice; what's more, there are also some modifications on body, offering a more comfortable hand feel to vapers. Always a suitable one for you.

Five 6 Mod
Equipped with an unprecedented 5-cell 18650 power plant with top mounted OLED and controls, and aluminum alloy frame, the Five 6 gives us a new design in mod. With max. 222w output power, you even can use it to charge your phones. The Five 6 will definitely off you an fascinating experience.

Five 6 Tank 
With an absolutely enormous 8ml liquid capacity, Five6 tank is truly quintessential for modern demands, featuring a convenient hinged top-fill system and a cutting-edge atomizer structure with Selectable Option. Also you can easily fill atomizer from the top of the tank without detaching it from the battery.

The optional coils, temperature sensitive glass and customize case color also make Five 6 stand apart to other products. As each replaceable head contains three dual coils, you can choose different numbers of coils (two, four, six) to run the tank.

Through above introduction, we discovered that Kangertech Five 6 kit has many humanized designs and advanced applications. There is no doubt that it will provide an unprecedented enjoyment and experience for your vaping journey.

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