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‘Coke whiskey’ – Black vape liquid

Whiskey brews from cereal e.g. barley, it will be made into strong distilled alcohol with alcohol level of 43°after brewing in oak barrel for years. In England, people call it ‘the water of life’. It can be divided into 4 categories by producing areas: Scotland whiskey, Ireland whiskey, American whiskey and Canada whiskey. American Boston whiskey is favored by drinkers because it mixes coke with whiskey. Combining this taste into e-cigarette juice, this is the Black vape liquid I’m going to show you today.

The aluminum made cap on the square external packing has the extremely similarity with Johnnie Walker black whiskey, but it isn’t made from glass, it’s made of plastic. The number ‘12’ below doesn’t mean nicotine content because it shows ‘50ml 3mg’ in the middle of bottle.

On one side of the bottle, we can see the matching is ‘70vg:30pg’, it also has an attached juice injector. You will smell a scent of strong alcohol immediately after you open it as alcohol flavor juice. With the combination of lemon ‘freshness and coke, it is just like a charming mixed cocktail. Atomizing into throat you will first feel a shocking cooling from tongue to lung, then the taste buds will feel the combination of lemon and coke which is an indispensable freshness in the summer. The cavity is steadily adapting this flavor and you will feel a hint of alcohol after smoking out to the air, and this wine aroma is not that strong compare with smelling meanwhile make the topic more suitable with the enjoyable process.

I believe everyone can understand that the Black Vape coke whiskey is based on cooling of mint, lemon freshness and tastily coke with light alcohol which make it one of the popular and high acceptance flavor. From the perspective of device, atomizer is a great choice while using filled car atomizer ‘s low resistance dual coil or single coil is a better match.

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