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Eleaf iCare 2 — the best starter kit

It is not always easy to try a new thing for many of us. Therefore, I can not help thinking that if the first step is good whether it will be easier to start a new thing. Eleaf, one of the best-known vape brands, published its new product the Eleaf iCare 2 starter kit, the newbies get their best choice for their vaping experience.
Three crucial reasons for choosing this vape kit are as following.

The iCare 2 provides starters with reliable quality so that they can take their minds off the safety when they use it. The two IC 1.3ohm heads, the USB cable and the user manual are all standard configurations. Furthermore, take the IC 1.3ohm head for example, it not only have good quality, but also can produce enhanced flavor when one is vaping.

Easy and convenient is the prominent characteristics for the iCare 2. For example, it is easy to use that customers just need simply press the button, the device will be activated. And then, the vapor will be produced immediately. Also, with side USB port providing customers convenience on charging, the iCare 2 can be simply charged by plugging into a computer or wall adapter. In addition, the tank section can be separated, which means that the customers can clean it easily.

The exquisite appearance own to its size 31mm*13mm*86mm and its weight 33.5g. For the e-cigarette starters, it can deliver you a softer and smoother feel in hand than ever. What's more, there are six color black, grey, gold, greenery, red and white that are available for customers.

From what I describe above, the iCare 2 is absolutely the best choice for the e-cigarette starters.

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