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San Francisco issued a decree banning the sale of e-liquid products with taste

San Francisco, once known as the "fortress of liberty" will ban the sale of e-liquid products with taste; there is no doubt that this will lead to more smokers dying because of smoking. Also, the city's e-cigarette stores will not be able to make a living, this ban will take effect next April.

Municipal Commission of supervision passed a ban on sales of all kinds of "tobacco products" on Tuesday, including a ban on cigars and menthol cigarettes. The law was opposed by San Francisco's e-cigarette workers and the owners of the city's convenience stores, but the law was backed by the tobacco industry.
"San Francisco has done a shameful thing," wrote Alex Clark, CASAA's CEO. "The San Francisco oversight committee did not consider new ways to solve the disease and death caused by smoking. Instead, they chose to use unproven policies to do experiments on their public."

In fact, there is no evidence in the world that shows that limiting the supply of e-liquid products (or low risk tobacco products) in any way will be beneficial to public health. "It's a completely emotional decision." Clark wrote.

The ban is one of a series of similar regulations recently launched in San Francisco, and it can be affirmed that the ban will not stop. The government wants to ban the sale of e-cigarettes containing a taste that might appeal to teenagers. The government wants to apply this method to rescue teenagers who may be "addicted to nicotine for a lifetime" and to prevent e-liquid from spreading across the country.

Director Malia Cohen said at the hearing: "we don't want to let these small shops closed, but hope that they can turn from selling harmful products to selling products that contribute to neighborhood health.

But in fact, banning e-liquid products is not going to benefit the city - only helping to reduce the pressure of competition in the tobacco industry, and that's what the Committee wants. They foolishly passed the nicotine ban, which, on the other hand, caused the misery of more smokers. The ban on nicotine is unacceptable to San Francisco residents, but it's just as ridiculous as banning condom sales to prevent aids.

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