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E-cigarettes, a Relatively Safer Alternative of Regular Cigarettes

Emerging in 2007, electronic cigarettes sales have double every year, which means more and more people choose this new product instead of smoking regular cigarettes in their life. Have you ever think about it or wonder why e-cigarettes have become an increasingly dominant role? Today, let's find the merits of e-cigarettes.

Firstly, of course, let's find out which one will have less negative effect to our health. Regular cigarettes, according to the report Smoking is Harmful to Health from China, have more than 7000 chemical compositions, among which there are at least 69 are carcinogenic, causing some smoking-related diseases. Moreover, this hazard has been enlarged through second hand smoking. However, this concern can be largely omitted in using e-cigarettes.

With the comparison in toxic compound, we can see e-cigarette is safer than regular cigarette. There are three main compounds in e-liquid. The solvent of propylene glycol and glycerol according to different proportion, accounting for 90%; nicotine holds 5% or even less, and spice occupies about 5%. Different to regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes hold less harmful compositions and smoker can choose the amount of nicotine, or even without nicotine.

Another factors we should take into consideration is the cost of e-cigarettes. In other words, e-cigarettes will help you to save an incredible amount of money if you choose it. Let me give you an example, you begin with a middle-of-the-road e-cigarette, the Eleaf iKuun i80 with MELO 4 Kit, which costs a modest $37.90, including a full set of devices. Given to this upfront cost of e-cigarettes, how long do you have to smoke them before saving money over the regular cigarettes?

 Assuming that a smoker averagely smokes 12 cigarettes (Marlboro Red, each pack costs $6.38 in the United States) per day, it will take about 51 days before an e-cigarette smoker to recoup the initial investment. As smoking is a long-term cost for many smokers, e-cigarettes is more competitive.
We hope these two main merits will give you a better consideration and understanding on e-cigarettes.

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