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Box Mods and Tube Mods, Which One is Better For You

Beginners might want to know about the different of box mods and tube mods. This is a very popular discussion in the vaping community.

Box mods and tube mods are the two types of mods currently available in the market. Tube Mod, also known as a mechanical mod, is a simple device that holds the battery and button in place to supply current to the atomizer. The box mod, as its name implies, is shaped like a box and has a rather complicated design with various electronic circuits and wiring inside. Not only are the two mods different in their build and structure, they are also unique in how they affect your vaping experience.

To help you clearly see which one may be better for you, here are some of the advantages, disadvantages, and comparisons based on several important criteria:

If you are looking for simplicity and portability, there is no doubt that tube mods are the better choice. They are only 4 to 6 inches in length, which are a good choice for those who are uncomfortable with bulky devices.

Given its design, you might think that the box mod will beat its tubed counterpart when it comes to durability. However, it is important to understand that the wooden or aluminum structure of the box mod makes it more vulnerable to physical damage than the tube mod which is commonly made out of steel, brass or copper.

Battery Life
The box mod can contain electronics specifically designed to reduce current usage. This leads to the minimization of battery life. Tube mod does not provide much power saving options

Not surprisingly, the design of tube mod is simpler, the use of electronics is minimal, and its price is much lower than the boxed mod. That is, the price of the product depends very much on the brand you are buying, because the high-end tube mod may cost far more than a decent box mod of average make.

The safety of the product is of extreme importance when you are evaluating any vaping device. Users should never compromise with the safety of a vape mod. Box mods are designed to detect problems inside the device. They stop working once these problems are picked up. Furthermore, some box mods are built with thermal and reverse polarity protection technology, which makes them a much safer product than the tube mode that offers little to no safety options.

All in all, it is very difficult to separate the two in terms of quality. Your purchase ultimately comes down to your preferences and how you see the individual strengths and weaknesses of each vape mod.

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