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Eleaf Lemo Atomizer User Manual

How to add liquid      
a) Screw the connecting base off atomizer base.
b) Pull the silicone cover out off the bottom of atomizer base
c) Slowly refill the liquids into the small hole.

a) Drip a few of e-juice in the absorbent cotton to make that moist before filling in the e-juice.           
b) We provide a small screw as spare parts. You can screw it on the injection hole instead of the silicone cover. Use the silicone spares for more convenient e-juice filling.

How to Use   
Adjustment of air inflow: By rotating the regulation ring clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the air inlet. You can adjust the regulation ring clockwise to get smaller air inflow, and counterclockwise for larger air inflow.

Adjustment of thread connector: The adjustable thread connector makes Lemo better matched with your battery. Just use the tool to rotate the word cross as needed.
How to DIY: Please wrap the heating coil around absorbent cotton according to your demand and then fit it on the atomizer base.

a) Only have your device repaired by Eleaf. Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur. 
b) Do not leave the device in high temperatures or damp conditions, otherwise it may be damaged. The appropriate operation temperature is within 0℃to45℃ while charging and -10℃ to 60℃ while using. 
c) Do not attempt to combine the device with parts from other brands of e-cigarettes. If it is damaged in this way, our company will not take on responsibility and your warranty will be void.

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