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IJOY GENIE PD270 Kit - Light Up Your Vaping World

There is almost no one in the world like to be living in the dark even for the blind ones, they want to regain their sight and see the bright world. Yes, the world is more beautiful with lights on especially in the dark night. LED lights and neon lights now are widely used to make the buildings and streets more shinning in the night. LED with a lot of functions not only as a decoration, an indicator or just its original function as a light has been widely applied in our daily life. E-cigar also make full use of the LED. Today, I am going to introduce you an e-cigar fully utilizing the LED.

Unlike most of the other vape kit using the LED as a indicator mostly to show the remaining battery level so as to inform you in time that your battery needs to be charge, the IJOY GENIE PD270 has exploits the usage of LED by not only use it as an indicator but also a fashionable decoration. I do not know whether you have noticed that there is a transparent curve on the body of the GENIE PD270 kit.

You may wonder what is the function of this design. Actually, this curved line is only a decoration to the whole boring e-cigar. This RGB backlight have five colors(red, blue, green, white, colorful). You can see different styles through the digital color separation technical, which will add great fun to your long and tedious vaping life. This is not the only application of LED. The LED is also applied in a flashlight control button on the battery door. This can also acted as a flashlight when you are walking in the dark or looking for something in the dark. It is really convenient!

The IJOY GENIE PD270 fully utilizes the LED.

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