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CYCLON, launched by FUMYTECH not long ago, has been known for its big clouds and exerted massive impact on e-cigarette circle. This time, FUMYTECH returns with its newest product called WINDFORCE RTA. This product is both big clouds oriented and good flavor oriented. Packaged in a big paper box, it is quite a box of fashion. From the information printed on the back side, WINDFORCE RTA is definitely a hulk among all the atomizers with a size of 25*63 mm.

WINDFORCE is made of stainless steel and comes with two versions. The difference between two versions lies in the liquid volume. There are 4ml and 4.5ml for you to choose. A kit includes a standby glass tank, an interface of 510, a tube, a deck for single coil, two screws, four staggered fused coils, several screws, cottons and sealing rings. I have to say that this kit is rich enough for DIY.

Poles are plated with gold, and every atomizer made by FUMYTECH has its own reference number. Electrodes and deck are connected by a screw that is plated with gold as well. It is very stable and helps avoid loose contact. A deck for dual coils applies the design of VELOCITY to its electrodes. Pole hole is big and available for all the four different coils.

Also, there is a deck for single deck in the kit which has an enough space for the using of differently staggered fused coil. This deck is equipped with particular air flow holes made for single coil. All these make it possible for single coil to generate big vapor and good flavor. Still, single coil can go with a drip tip of 510. A smaller caliber enables a high smoke strength. WINDFORCE makes the switch between single and dual coils come true with large clouds and enjoyable flavor. Besides, the cool design of exterior is also very appealing.

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