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MERLIN Mini Atomizer Review

MERLIN is well a designed atomizer made by AUGVAPE. It is exquisite with an adjustable air intake mode which caters a wide range of needs of different vape players. First, I would like to give you a brief introduction about this product.

With a size of 24 mm, MERLIN has a silvery body. A bottom deck is designed for both single and dual coils. The material of battery poles are plated with gold and the specification of mouthpiece is 510. Besides, a mark for anti-counterfeiting check is right on the cap. After unpacking the parcel, you will detect an Allen key. There is no doubt that this atomizer requires Allen screw. The accessories with MERLIN are not many, the design of dual deck is the selling point of this atomizer. The price of this product is rational. Anyway, what customers care most is the property of the product.

MERLIN is somewhat an atomizer that generates massive clouds perfect for cloud chaster. Double electrodes allow users fix single fused coil alone. Both the screw holes and internal space is large. That means variously fused coils can be applied to MERLIN. It is very easy to thread cotton because the double electrodes make a room for that. But one thing you should keep in mind that there is a slit around the deck and you need to insert cotton in so as to avoid leaking oil. Then the performance in terms of delivering oil is also good.

The delivering is very smooth. And the oil hole is round and big enough. That makes users free of the worry of a slow oil moving. In addition, a rational structure of air intake makes a scientific inhale process and provide looser airflow. And as we all know, looser airflow and always generate big clouds as well as enjoyable flavor.

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