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Can E-cigarette Helps Quitting Smoking?

With the advancement in technology and concern over health, e-cigarette has been brought into focus. E-cigarette is always regarded as a substitute for traditional cigarette and is exaggerated to be able to help quit smoking in a short time. Actually, e-cigarette is not designed to help people quit smoking.

What makes quitting smoking so difficult?
The withdraw symptoms, which means the symptoms after quitting smoking, is the first to be blamed. Withdraw symptoms can be divided into two parts, physical symptoms and psychological symptoms. Physical withdraw symptoms of quitting smoking is not as afflicting as you may expect. Abrupt stopping using nicotine will not bring uncomfortable physical feelings such as pain. Instead, psychological withdraw symptoms is the first reason that makes quitting smoking so difficult. Research shows that, suddenly withdrawing the use of nicotine will make us feel a sense of emptiness, accompanying with nervousness, anxiety and decrease in confidence which will disappear by taking in nicotine, that is smoking.

Can e-cigarette help quitting smoking?
From the above descriptions, we can know that the reason for our addiction to cigarette lies in nicotine. Thus, in some of the e-liquids, they contains certain amount of nicotine. It is more accurate to regard cigarette as a substitute for traditional cigarette rather than a medicine for quitting smoking. Whether we can finally quit smoking depends largely on our determination and persistence. Research shows that e-cigarette has remarkable effect in replacing traditional cigarette. There are some vapers who gradually reduce nicotine content and finally succeed in quitting smoking. Undoubtedly, e-cigarette as a substitute for traditional cigarette, is healthier and suggested to be used in order to keep healthy.

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