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The Common Problems About Cigarette Oil in 2017

1. Why we feel dry mouth while smoke an electronic cigarette?
It is normal because VG and PG, the principal components of cigarette oil, are substances that absorb water. Any advertisements which express their oil will not make the users’ mouth dry can’t be believed. Just everyone has a different ability of oral salivation. Some people will not feel dry because they have a strong ability. If you are the weak ones, just drink more water instead of changing oil because anyone can’t change the components of oil.
2. What is waking oil? And why?
Oil is made up of kinds of chemicals of high molecular and essences, which are oily substances or water-based materials. Although they have similar density, there still appears separating, like water and oil mixed. Waking oil is for mixing them fully and reaching a balance.
3. Is it difficult and safe to make oil by yourself?
It is not difficult to make oil by ourselves. Just allocate materials according to the formula in the book you choose. What is dangerous is the doubt on credibility of raw materials. Please try to pick up the suppliers getting the authentication of FDA, USP or EP. It is not moral to only run after the low price because the cigarette will be absorbed to the lung.
4. Why is there no flavors of my oil?
  Everyone has different feelings towards the same oil. It is normal that some heavy-smokers think that electronic cigarettes are of no fun or not as expected. But sometimes some novice users cause less quantity of oil because of the doubts on the equipment. Then they may think there is no flavor as the first impression of electronic cigarettes. To be honest, the whole flavor of a successfully-allocated cigarettes will be full-bodied expect different flavors.
5. Why is this atomizer less than another?
An excellent atomizer will have its own features because of different air in-taking level and atomizing level. Many users have several atomizers but they just use one often because that one is proper to his feelings. So new hands had better choose a popular atomizer instead of being influenced by the appearance and the ads because choice of most people can be an reference.

How to distinguish the good or bad of oil?
1.The solvent reaches the level of food or medicine.
2.The content of nicotine reaches more than 98%, 99% better.
3.Excellent electronic cigarettes have essences.

How to distinguish the good or bad of the electronic cigarettes?
Look: you can look at the appearance of oil. Good oil is comfortably crystal clear of no colors, or light yellow or golden or orange or green.
Smell: you can smell the flavor of oil. Good oil has an elegant, plump and fragrant aroma.
Smoke: it is the most important step. You must evaluate the good or bad of oil by smoking. Good oil has a pleasant smell like the nicotine smell. After smoking, you will feel satisfied physically with clear flavor of long but not stimulating, not spicy, not choking smell.
Usually people who make use of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking distinguish them by the above ways. They will abandon those of bad quality and choose those that don’t influence not only their health but also the flavor to reach their wants. Young people who like to play electronic cigarettes can also learn how to distinguish them. How cool while blowing big smokes.

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