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Wismec EXO SKELETON ES300 Review

Fashionable appearance:
This product is designed to have a special transparent body and OLED screen on the top. The OLED on the top makes this product charming and fashionable, which will amaze not only your eyes but also others’ eyes. Just try to imagine how proud you will be when others look at your mod and you with great admiration. Besides, there is an interchangeable EXO skeletons in attractive colors. It means you can change the color of your mod as you like. What’s more, another surprise is that by the polygonal appearance and transparent body can we see the inside clearly.

Great usage experience:
Although the beauty is important, the function is more essential for users. Wismec have never disappointed their users in this part. First, EXO SKELETON ES300 have max output of 300w with powerful triple 18650 mod to provide users strong vaping smoke to meet our demand. Not only this, but also the interchangeable atomizer tubes make our usage more wonderful. Expect the equipped glass tube, there is also a spare atomizer of 5 ml, which can provide a bigger content. Besides, EXO SKELETON ES300 can be used as a power bank to charge our phone or other electronic device with the help of RC (reverse charging) adapter, which is convenient for us.

Safer usage:
The design of EXO SKELETON ES300 is also amazing. The cover is designed flip-open with ventilation holes for easier cells replacement and better heat dissipation, which reduce the danger of overheating. It also takes special battery anti reverse circuit in the circuit board to achieve reverse polarity protection. The double-way protection system makes it much safer.

After I learned all this, I can’t help buying such an excellent product combined fashionable appearance, better function and safer usage together. I think EXO SKELETON ES300 can be called as the best product of Wismec.
For more information, please click http://www.wismec.org/exo-skeleton-es300-vw-tc-300w-box-mod-with-2-8ml-top-filling-kage-atomzier-starter-kit.html.

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