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Vaper or Artist? Vape Starters Should Know About It

Do you know that vape not only act as a replacement of traditional cigarette? Do you know that vape is also designed for the young who don't smoke? Do you know that vaping can be an art ?

If you feel confused, then you need to know more information about vape.

The first vape was invented in China in 2005. As for technology immature at that time, It is unstable and not accepted once It was invented. Then an air purifier company Aujeego came to China and introduced It to Europe. After further experiment and research, the second and third vape was brought to reality and soon become popular among European countries.

Working principle
Vape works similar as steamer. The atomizer would vibrate the e-liquid and turn it into gaseous state. Thus the quality of atomizer and e liquid would largely influence our vaping experience.

Vape for nonsmokers
At the beginning, vape was designed to replace traditional cigarette thus it is for smokers only. But with the advancement in science and technology,vape developed into various types. For nonsmokers who just regard It as an entertainment, they can choose 0% nicotine content e-liquid, as it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

Art Of vape
When it comes to vaping artist, Austin Lawrence should be the first one to be mentioned about. He is a vaper and some call him an artist because he could make vapor into different shapes. It seems like he has magic power. He is credited as Vape God.

For youngsters who want to be like him, they can choose heavy vapor vapes. Thickness of vapor depends on three factors:
1.  PG/VG percentage in E-liquid. The higher the concentration, the thicker the vapor.
2.  The quality of atomizer
3.  voltage, power and resistance

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