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The Lipancaron TC218 Review

Low-key and introverted appearance of business style of lipancaron TC218 and simple functions make this main body suitable those who want the introverted appearance and beginners. It is considerate that TC218 can be shut down. Besides, more information can be shown by the light. The users can know the states of their devices more clearly with the help of Chinese instructions. Let us read the following review of TC 218.

It has traditional cover packing, Chinese instructions, cue card and warranty card easy to understand. Worth mentioning, you can turn to the back part of instructions showing all the meanings and solutions of the screen informing while you face can’t-understand English informing.  

The appearance of TC 218 takes the design of square + cambered cover. It is set by two magnets in the cover and four buckles. The leather in the cover can effectively avoid careless miss slip. The body and the cover have big cooling hole foe effectively cooling while continuous smoking at big power. Salient big round button for firing has a proper damping but has a long time to press. What’s more, the leather can be changed according to our like and dislikes.

Usage experience
TC218 takes ANT218 chip which lipancaron designed by itself. It has an amazing results after testing atomizers of three kinds of resistances. Such a fast speed of firing. It is traditional in operation. It will turn up after 5-time pressing Ignition key and enter the menu after 3-time pressing. You can also adjust the position of cursor by add and subtract key. What needs noticing is that DTC style and DVW style of TC218 should be adjusted by some software on the computer, which is a little inconvenient.

To be general, TC218 is completely over my expectations. It is comfortable while in hand and has a changeable personalized coating, quick firing and an easy operation, which almost can cover the requirements from beginners to old hand. Just one disadvantage must be the flavor curve which can only be adjusted on the computer. You can ask the customer servicer for the software.

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