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E-juice - Adding Ingredients To Your Monotonous Vaping Life

E-juice, which is both connected and disconnected with e-cigarettes, is in rich variety and of great importance in vaping experience. E-cigarette is connected with e-cigarette in that it is a main part of vaping experience, and e-cigarette is disconnected with e-cigarette because it is an independent part and can provides functions except for vaping.

As is known for most vapers, e-juice has many flavors for options. Generally speaking, e-liquids suppliers can provide cigarette flavors, fruit flavors, food flavors and herbal flavors, all of which can be further divided. Among all the flavors, fruit flavors with high VG percentage enjoys the greatest popularity. For cigarette flavors, it imitates the flavor of traditional cigarettes but it is different from it to some extent. Thus e-cigarette cannot completely replace traditional cigarette in its flavors

Nicotine content
Nicotine content of e-juice in the market can be divided into 0mg 3mg 6mg and 12 mg. A higher nicotine content means a stronger throat hit feeling. Thus it is recommended that vapers who prefer lung vaping choose 0-6mg. Generally speaking, for vapers that highly addicted to cigarette, they can choose higher nicotine content. And for those who want to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes, they can gradually reduce nicotine content.

The ingredients of e-juice usually include PG, VG, nicotine, essence and additives. PG, Propylene Glycol, which is a common ingredient in medicine and foods, are used to strengthen the mouth feel of e-cigarettes. VG, Vegetable Glycerin, can generate a large amount of vapor after heating. Nicotine, which is addictive, is used to relieve cigarette addiction and strengthen throat hit feeling.

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