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Wismec CB-60 Heralds A New Era for the Vape Industry

Many smokers think that the e-cigarettes can not offer them the same experience as the traditional tobacco cigarettes, so they often prefer to use those tobacco products. Although statistics have showed that e-cigarettes do much less harm than tobacco products for it do not contain those harmful chemical such as tart. What’s more, in the long therm, e-cigarettes are more economical.

However, the problem is how to offer vapers the same experience that they can receive when smoking. It is not easy, but the e-cigarettes manufacturers are trying hard to develop such tobacco-like e-cigarettes. Wismec recently released its new vape kit, the WIsmec CB-60 full kit.

First sight at it, you will see nothing different. However, holding it in your palm,you will find that this vape kit is so light and tiny. It is convenient to carry around. Of course, this is not the only spotlight of Wismec CB-60, it is the first vape designed for High nicotine and Nic-salt use so that vapers can have a great vaping experience. What’s more, they may find that the taste and flavor are so similar to tobacco products with even less damage to our health.

Wismec CB-60 is also perfect for mouth to lung vape style. If you are a great fan of MTL vape style,  Wismec CB-60 is really a wonderful vape. In a word, despite the simplicity of Wismec CB-60, it is a product full of innovations and may herald a new era for the vape industry.

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