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Innokin Pocketmod Starter Kit Preview—A Fashionable E-cigarette for Female

The vape industry has made great progress in promoting portable starter kits. With the increasing number of female vapers, some manufactures have noticed their needs and made some improvements on their products. Innokin Pocketmod Starter Kit is a typical example. The following contents are my personal reviews on this e-cig.

Judging from its appearance, we will connect it with cosmetic lipstick for its small and square shape. This connection is not a coincidence for the manufacture attempts to design it to be targeted at women in the market. When we are vaping, this e-cig will make us look more fashionable and elegant than other e-cigarettes. Innokin Pocketmod Starter Kit has used rubberized finish which is very soft and smooth when we are holding this. It is small and light with its 2000mAh built-in battery and 2ml capacity, which is very convenient for women to put this in their handbags. On top of that, another spotlight is its unique cap design to keep mouthpiece sanitary, thus enhancing its portability as well. Although its distinctive features are so attractive, its price is just is very cost-effective. Innokin Pocketmod Starter Kit is suitable for both DL and MTL vapers.

Given its elegant design and budget-friendly price, Innokin Pocketmod Starter Kit is very attractive for vapers especially for female vapers. If you are looking for an e-cig with fashionable design, you should consider it and I am sure that it will not make you disappointed.

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